Dec 072005

e-nuvo educational robotEngadget is reporting that Japanese robot manufacturer ZMP is offering a stripped down version of their popular nuvo humanoid robot. Offered with education in mind, the e-nuvo consists of the legs from a nuvo and comes bundled with instructional material for a 12-week robotics course covering coordinate systems of link structure, motor driver circuits, processors & sensors, serial communications, and feedback control. The e-nuvo has 12 joints that are driven by the ZMP original Motor Driver Modules. It stands 30 cm tall and weighs 1.2 kg.

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Dec 032005
ZMP nuvo

ZMP nuvo

Another familiar face on display at IREX this week was the nuvo. Manufactured by ZMP, Inc. and billed as “the first-home-use-type humanoid robot in the world,” the nuvo stands 39 cm tall and weights 2.5 kg. Looking more like a work of modern art than a fully functional robot, the nuvo has its designer Ken Okuyama, father of the Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari Rosa, to thank for its appearance. Make no mistake though, this is a serious robot.

With four sensors and 15 joints, the nuvo can walk, stand up on its own, and even roll over. ZMP has a lengthy video demonstrating it in action. It has integrated wireless-LAN and can be controlled via web browser, or it recognizes several verbal commands. The built-in speaker can play MP3s, and the camera in its head can capture images of its surroundings.