May 162016


Recently many “experts” have been predicting that the first salvo fired in the robot revolution will be when they begin stealing jobs from humans. The Telegraph even reported back in February that within 30 years robots will have taken over most jobs leading to unemployment rates of over 50%. Last week, the bots fired the metaphorical first shot over humanity’s bow when it was announced that law firm Baker & Hostetler had hired ROSS, the world’s first artificially intelligent attorney.  While prognosticators, pundits, and Luddites alike all agreed that this was evidence of an impending sea-change coming to the job market, auto workers everywhere just shook their heads and welcomed the soon to be displaced to the world they’ve been living in since the 1960s.

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Nov 172005

Support Bloggers' RightsThanks to BoingBoing I learned today about the new EFF Bloggers’ Rights fundraising campaign. To raise awareness, membership, and funds, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is asking bloggers to add EFF badges to their sites encouraging people to join and “support bloggers’ rights.”

Bloggers who publish the buttons are offered discount memberships, and each month EFF picks their favorite blogs for promotion in their newsletter. They’re also giving away goodies like t-shirts and pajamas to the blogs that bring in the most donations. Whether you are a fellow blogger, or not, I ask that you at least investigate the EFF, regardless of any material incentive, to learn about the hard, endless, and often thankless work they do to secure the rights of all citizens in this digital age.

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Nov 102005

lly McBealEngadget’s got a summary of an article by Business Day about Buys Inc., a South African law firm that plans to add 3 “robot” lawyers, Stacy, Dave, and Nathan, to their human legal staff in early 2007. Initially their duties will include answering basic questions and presenting training material online. They will operate under very strict human supervision at first, but the firm anticipates that if their early efforts are successful, the trio could begin offering legal opinions, advice, and additional services in the very near future.

The firm recognizes that clients may be slow to warm to the virtual lawyers, but once they recognize their advantages, including lower price, quicker turn around, and 24/7 accessibility, the clients will come around. At the end of the day the verdict is all that matters, and if the robots deliver wins, the clients will be satisfied.