Oct 022005

Sony AIBO ERS-7M3Sony released a new version of it’s popular robo-dog, the AIBO, last week. The ERS-7M3, which seems to only currently be available for order in Japan, retails at about $2300 USD. The important distinction between this model and the previous ERS-7M2 model is in the “M3” portion of it’s designation, referring to the fact it utilizes the Mind 3 version of it’s central AI software. The ERS-7M3 appears physically similar to it’s predecessors, but the Mind 3 software adds some behaviors more like it’s real-world counterparts including scratching it’s ears with it’s hind leg and yawning as well as some things no earthly dog will ever be able to do including conversing with it’s owner using hundreds of phrases that develop as it matures, diary writing and taking dictation.

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